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I am Angela Jackson, a licensed Cosmetologist, Certified Hair Loss and Cranial Prosthesis Specialist and Makeup Artist. I have over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry. I change women's lives by altering the way they view themselves and give them back their dignity and confidence.

Hair care has always been my gift and my passion, but discovering natural and holistic ways to address hair loss has become my mission. Hair loss affects people psychologically and emotionally and may also affect our health if not properly addressed and handled.

After personally experiencing hair loss a number of times for various reasons, I became more intrigued to learn in depth the triggers of hair loss and what can be done about it. This passion for learning heightened after Covid 2020 when my mother and my two aunts lost nearly 70% of their hair 3 months after contracting the virus. I made it my mission to study further to gather more information and find natural and holistic solutions to address and/or correct the issue.

With a hair and scalp analysis, I am able to determine the type of hair loss my client is dealing with and offer natural treatments to aggressively address the type of hair loss that will reap lasting results. If hair growth is not an option, I create customizable medical prosthetic units for my clients that will wear seamlessly, offering a natural look that will immediately boost her esteem and give her the confidence she desires.

Becoming a hair loss specialist is a game-changer for me as there is nothing more gratifying than changing people's lives giving them an instant boost of confidence and increasing their self-esteem. I am so glad that you have taken the time to get to know me and I cannot wait to be of service.


I am The Hair Loss Expert, that serves with dignity and respect.


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Hair by definition is threadlike strands that grow from human skin, mammels or other animals, composed of keratin, or protein and grows from follicles found in the dermis layer of the skin, nourished by blood.

Important elements to hair growth are:

Blood Supply

The Dermal Papilla

The Hair Bulb

Arrector Pili

Muscle Sebaceous Gland

The Hair Shaft

Sebaceous Glands supply natural oil to the hair and scalp. The hair is nourished by our blood supply in the follicle where hair grows. Hair contains the cuticle or the outer layer, the cortex or the inner layer, and the medulla which is the inner most layer.

When any key element is out of alignment in our bodies, hair is affected. Whatever is going on internally with our bodies will first show up externally on our hair and skin. Topical agents such as shampoos, conditioners, oils, serums, etc. are great for the hair and scalp, but if we are having internal issues, we must first address those, otherwise, applying topical agents as a remedy will be of no use. Seeking a licensed Cosmetologist, Trichologist or Hair Loss Specialist, and you Medical Practitioner are important to get to the root of what is going on with your hair and scalp. While a licensed or certified specialist would be able to access your condition with a hair and scalp analysis, a medical practitioner would access what is going on internally and may suggest a blood test to determine if anything is going on medically.

Below are a list of common causes to hair loss:

Menopause: A drop in estrogen, thus heightening the level of testosterone in a woman’s body.

Diabetes: Insulin Imbalance

Toxicity: From what we eat and put on our body disrupting the pH (potential hydrogen) in our bodies making our levels more acidic.

Anemia: Low ferritin or iron

Pregnancy: A shift in hormone levels.

Chemotherapy: Chemical substance to treat cancer. (also Radiation)

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies: B Vitamins, D, A, C, Iron, Zinc, Selenium, Magnesium

Genetics: Having a genetic predisposition (heredity)

Hair Pulling: Trichotillomania (usually stress related, nerves)

Poor Diet: Imbalance or avoidance of proper nutrients

Poor Circulation: Lack of proper blood flow

Seborrheic Dermatitis: Scaly patches and red skin; scalp fungus, overly oily scalp/skin.

Stress: Holding stress in the body.

Thyroid: Both hypo and hyperthyroidism (overproduction of the hormone)

Large Doses of Vitamin A: (too much use) Using when not needed

Auto-Immune Disease

Sudden Weight Loss: (Losing too much to fast)

Surgery: Trauma on the body or due to medications given

Medications: Both Prescribed and over the counter

Remedies to any of these circumstances are critical to reverse the effects of hair loss. Someone who is trained to identify and access the conditions would be able to give you a clearer understanding on what is going on and help to guide you in the right direction to correcting the issue so that you begin to get results. Taking vitamins before knowing what the underlying issue is may be more harmful than helpful as noted above, if your body is not lacking in specific vitamins or minerals and you take them anyway, it may have an adverse effect on your body and your hair. Some remedies are as follows:

Seeing your Medical PhysicianGetting Blood WorkHaving your body’s pH tested (urinalysis)Speaking with a Nutritionist (diet change)

Discussions with Physician regarding medications and its effects Exercise Regularly Meditation Walking Drink 9 glasses of water daily for hydration Supplements as Needed Low Level Light Therapy Scalp and Body Massages Shampooing and Conditioning Regularly Using the Right Products for your Hair (ingredients and pH matters) Medical Grade Shampoos/Conditioners, Cranial Prosthesis and various Trichological Services

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After 2 months of using Angela's growth cream I have seen improvement with my hair growth. I am pleased with both her products and her services.

- Theresa Boddie

Angie is an excellent hair stylist and hair care specialist. She studies her craft and serves her clients with the highest level of respect. With her professional recommendations I have seen great improvements in the health of my hair.

- Lesley Johnson, Client


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